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PyQGLViewer is a port for Python of the libQGLViewer library.

libQGLViewer]] TrollTech QT OpenGL Python


  • PyQGLViewer sources 0.14 release (2016/01/15 17:31)
    Maintenance version for libQGLViewer 2.6
  • PyQGLViewer sources 0.11 release (2012/06/08 10:36)
    Maintenance version for libQGLViewer 2.3.17.<br /> Add option to compile with framework in the for mac.
  • PyQGLViewer sources 0.9 release (2011/01/12 10:41)
    Maintenance version for libQGLViewer 2.3.9. Add patch and patched sources of libQGLViewer-2.3.9.
  • PyQGLViewer 0.8 sources release (2009/09/18 22:37)
    Maintenance version for libQGLViewer 2.3.4. Add patch and patched sources of libQGLViewer-2.3.4.<br /> Binary python egg can be found on OpenAlea website (
  • Release sources 0.7 (2009/07/06 10:14)
    Improve and add Camera.getModelViewProjectionMatrix.<br /> <br />
  • Release sources 0.6 (2008/10/07 18:56)
    Maintenance version for libQGLViewer 2.3.1. Add source patch of libQGLViewer-2.3.1.
  • Release sources 0.5 (2008/07/15 15:29)
    Maintenance version for libQGLViewer 2.3.0. Add source patch of libQGLViewer-2.3.0; add new examples in python; fix previous ones with adapted statefilenames.
  • Release sources 0.4 (2008/06/09 17:48)
    Fix bugs with sip 4.7.6: (a) Resolve problem with libQGLViewer detection of Do not compile a test file but use sipconfig.read_version. (b) Fix bug with copy operator of CameraConstraint in libQGLViewer. For this, remove second 'const' in 'const Camera * const camera_' in QGLViewer/constraint.h line 140. Add this into the patch file. libQGLViewer need to be recompile with the new patch.
  • Release sources 0.3 (2008/03/26 13:53)
    This version is compatible with SIP 4.7. Additionally, it adds support for pickling Vec and Quaternion.
  • First release of PyQGLViewer (2007/06/21 10:06)
    PyQGLViewer is a set of Python bindings for the libQGLViewer C++ library which extends the Qt framework with widgets and tools that eases the creation of OpenGL 3D viewers. <br /> <br /> First version of sources and windows binaries are available.<br />


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