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 PyQGLViewer is licensed under the GPL. PyQGLViewer is licensed under the GPL.
 ===== News ===== ===== News =====
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 The [[http://​gforge.inria.fr/​projects/​pyqglviewer/​|project development center]] is hosted by the [[http://​gforge.inria.fr/​|INRIA GForge]]. ​ The [[http://​gforge.inria.fr/​projects/​pyqglviewer/​|project development center]] is hosted by the [[http://​gforge.inria.fr/​|INRIA GForge]]. ​
 +===== Contact =====
 +You can use the PyQGLViewer project [[http://​gforge.inria.fr/​forum/?​group_id=773|forums]] or subscribe to its [[http://​gforge.inria.fr/​mail/?​group_id=773|mailing lists]].
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